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Make plans and don’t flake out. Automatically set group reminders by tapping a message and hitting remind.

Here we have character animations for a new generation of smileys for Yahoo's new messaging platform. The animations were exported in javaScript to ensure compatibility on all browsers in a scalable responsive format.

Below are the original captions on the landing page during launch phase.


Bring it

all together

Bye, endless text threads. Topics keep your group chats ultra-organized. Plus secret topics like Mom’s Surprise help you make things private.

Party down


Make inside jokes


Use any image or selfie to design custom reactions. Now you can reply all your feels with just a tap.


Start fireworks


Start a family chat. Gather your squad. Save a seat. Make happy happen. Yahoo Together makes it easy to keep it all moving. Because life is better together.

Patty Clark, Copywriter
Mark Leicht, Art Director


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